Architecture in Miami

Architecture in Miami

Architecture in Miami
We will show you the 5 inspiring structures.
What are the deficiencies that determine the cultural wealth and legacy of architecture in Miami?
We ask ourselves this question:
Is Miami becoming the new capital of architecture in the United States of America? We will analyze a little more and we will name the 5 structures that project the historical and cultural legacy that make Miami a necessary stop that every traveler must do and know. As diverse as its residents, architecture in Miami is today a great reference for all those passionate about structures with personality.
1. The gardens and the Museum of Vizcaya.
If you are looking for a bit of opulence and design that exceeds the highest expectations, the Vizcaya Museum is the ideal choice. Inspired by the Baroque and Renaissance movement, Miami’s architecture here is simply a dream. With a series of spectacular gardens and a villa of its own, the Vizcaya Museum also demonstrates the interesting past behind Miami. Decorated by its then-billionaire owner in 1910, the place has served as a museum since 1952.
2. Slaughter forum

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Rem Koolhas, the Foro Faena is without a doubt one of the city’s newest and coolest attractions. Inspired by Roman architecture and also at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, the place has 50,000 square feet available for different types of events and projects.
3. Villa Casa Casuarina
Located on Ocean Drive, this home was purchased by Gianni Versace in 1993 for a total value of $ 2.9 million. The most amazing thing? The designer invested more than $ 33 million for his complete renovation. The mansion, which features a 24-karat gold-tiled pool, is now a boutique hotel that welcomes the most discerning guests season after season. Architecture in Miami
4. Pérez Art Museum
Surrounded by hanging gardens specifically by Patrick Blanc, the museum is considered a true gem in the city center. With a total space of 200,000 square feet, the museum houses an extensive collection of local and international contemporary art.
5. New world center
The New World Center is the result of a collaboration between Frank Gehry and the famous acoustic engineer, Yasuhisa Toyota. What is it that makes this place so special? Specially designed for outdoor screenings and free concerts, New World Center is arguably one of new favorite Architecture in Miami



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